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What is Fibroblast?

Fibroblast-Skin Tightening is a 100% natural & non-surgical revolutionary technique for perfect facial rejuvenation.

Fibroblast-Skin Tightening treatment is an active answer to the patient’s needs for beauty treatments that provide the perfect look but is not based on surgical methods and there are no surgical risks involved.

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Master Samo Sambol CEO & Founder of Privé Academy

Privé Academy led by Master Samo Sambol is an established brand name, well known in the world of beauty aesthetics.

After years of working on a new method, founder and CEO Samo Sambol successfully introduced the Plasma-Fibroblast treatment to the world of beauty for perfect rejuvenation and tightening of excess skin on any part of the body. Our team of Privé experts got acclaimed for teaching and practicing the Plasma-Fibroblast method. Besides passing the knowledge to hundreds of new Fibroblast Specialists, we also developed our own products.

We have done a lot in the last decade and there is no end to our knowledge and skills. The world of beauty today is developing quickly so therefore, new methods and techniques always come in handy.

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