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Specialists in LA

“This is by far most advanced Academy! If you want to learn in a simple way I would recommend Privé!”

— Privé Academy Specialist (LA)

Lenny Pay

“I like the most that master Samo was very informative and any questions we had was explained very good .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (TX)

Jocelyn Beregan

“I liked practicing on models it was very suiting and relaxing to line up the dots .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (LA)

Veronica Payne

“What I liked the most was the theory because it was extremely thorough, we left with hardly any questions .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (LA)


“The training was very thorough and Master Samo was very educational with his theory .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (Texas)


“I love the training and that we went over all the theory about the skin so we have a good base knowledge to perform fibroblast efficiently .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (SF)

Jessica Hunter

“I liked the training because the trainer had a lot of information to share with us, and the staff helped us a lot .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (LA)

Sandra Brown

“I would recommend Prive Academy if you want to learn about fibroblast in a simple yet easy-to-understand way .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (LA)

Sarah Ponce

“ I choose Prive academy after I have done the research and found out they have the best equipped course .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (LA)

Carla Rose

“ I highly recommend this training, and Samo will make sure that you understand everything you need to know to perform this treatment in the best possible .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (California)

Ana Pascasio

“ I’m thrilled with the training, Samo is an amazing teacher and explained everything really good .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (Mexico)

Heather Freeman

“ I think that information was presented in a really great way and I feel ready to perform this treatment in my saloon .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (California)

Karen Santos

“ I guarantee you that you will get the most out of this class and would recommend learning about fibroblast at Prive Academy because they truly are the best .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (California)

Mary Rownaghi

“ If you are looking for something that is affective and  you can make money of it then this is a great training for you .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (Los Angeles)

Mick Barr

“ I feel like when leaving this class I could immediately start this new kind of treatment as the training itself prepared me really well on how to do fibroblast .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (USA)

Lenora Frost

“ Trainers made sure that they went through every detail of the course more than once so we could understand everything clearly .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (USA)

Rene Adams

“ I love how fibroblast is so effective and it doesn’t have the symptoms of something as invasive as plastic surgery .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (Manhattan )

Susane Miles

“ The training was excellent and very thorough .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (Tennessee )

Francesca Harper

“ I am really excited about this treatment because it is a noninvasive process of looking more youthful .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (USA)

Vizela Meier

“I flew to Slovenia for private training with CEO Samo, the training was amazing and I got to practice on a model .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (Switzerland)

Melissa Fletcher

“I find the training very easy but also very informative and easy to understand .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (UK)

Popi Green

“The training is really good, it is full of information that we need to understand the skin before performing fibroblast skin tightening .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (UK)

Rachel Morris

“I have been trained really well and I am confident about performing this kind of treatment after taking this class.”

— Privé Academy Specialist (UK)

Elle Lindsay

“At the first half we learned about the theory and how to actually use the machine, after lunch, we had our models coming so we did the practice on them .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (UK)

Galata Holmes

“It is an amazing way to make people happy and make money while doing it .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (UK)

Stacy Jones

“Interesting beauty stop  aging process, I heard this is the new big deal in the beauty industry so I had to get my hands on it .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (UK)

Victoria Brown

“I can say from the very start of the course it was very well presented and we have learned the theory as is the base to learning about fibroblast .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (UK)

Roni Evans

“From the beginning till the end of the training, the course was really compact and Samo actually covered everything that is important .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (UK)

Rebecca White

“It was amazing we learned a lot, and our instructor helped us with everything .”

— Privé Academy Specialist (NJ)

Lital Smith

“We learned everything from A to Z. They answered all of the questions and it was fun.”

— Privé Academy Specialist (CA)

Samia Reviera

“The training was very detailed. The Master Trainer took a lot of time for each and every one of us and answered all of the questions.”

— Privé Academy Specialist (CA)

Victoria Alvarez

“My experience today was amazing. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to learn to do this.”

— Privé Academy Specialist (NY)

Kady Vitello

“This is the next thing, that will get you to where you wanna be!”

— Privé Academy Specialist (FL)

Specialists in London

“The right knowledge that will get you equipped with what you wanna do!”

— Privé Academy Specialists (London)

Prive Academy Specialist

“The training is amazing, I’m excited about the results! I would recommend this to everybody.”

— Privé Academy Specialist (FL)